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Educational films for purpose

Features 11 year old Arlian aka Plastic Free Boy on a journey to protect turles from plastic pollution.

The past 5 years this film has educated over 1 million students in schools globally.

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  • Tim Bleakley, St. Finbarr's Public School, Byron Bay

    The Future Generations needs inspirational people like Arlian, I want him to visit as many schools and to spread his message to inspire as many people as possible.

  • Janeen Silcock, Ballina Coast High School, Ballina

    Arlian was fantastic. Anyone who wants to change the world, needs to look to our young people, they are the ones who are going to inherit the earth, and we want them to be in control.

  • Margo Carwardine, Principal of St.Peter Chanel Primary School, Brisbane

    The students and staff at our school were inspired by the film. As a community, we will be following up with a school-based Initiative that works toward a plastic-free environment. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

  • Meg Sutcliffe, Director of International School Rheintal, Switzerland

    I have had a lot of positive feedback about the film and the discussion with Arlian. We showed the film to the students and then had Arlian on Skype answer questions and tell them about his project - we recommend this to every school

  • Silvia Atzori EDUCATIONAL LEADER Beacon Hill OOSH, Sydney

    We have booked this for our program for Term 1 supporting the Plastic Free Boy with this amazing project.

    It’s a great opportunity to empower the students to be a part of the solution and create a sustainable school and community.

  • Surry Hills Public School, Sydney

    Your movie Plastic Alarm and the Skype talk with you afterward really sparked the students' enthusiasm and creativity. It was amazing to see how engaged they were and how they took action straight away. The day after several of them went to clean up beaches and try to get more kids involved.

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PLAN B Full of Solutions to protect our Ocean

This Film project is our Project of Hope.

Our latest film, Plan B is full of solutions which students can join, in school and in their comcommunity!

Let's make climate action part of school education.

Together we will change the world!

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We showcase Solutions

Every month we showcase a Solutons Project to saveguard our Future. We create an Avatar Product that will support the Funding of this project.

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Every month we feature a new program to get in volved!

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